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The aim of publishing e-newsletter is to provide information to its members which are usually available to limited community of a specific Academy. For the networking and uplift of Science Education in the member states it was decided in short-term programmes of NASIC, that Network E-Newsletter will be published electronically on the parallel lines of IAP Newsletter         

NASIC is circulating its E-Newsletter to its Member Academies. The contents of the E-Newsletter consist of information communicated to NASIC Secretariat by various Member Academies on their ongoing and future activities.



 Newsletter Sept-Oct 2021 


NASIC Newsletter May - Jun 2021 PDF page-0001

Newsletter May-June 2021 


NASIC E-Newsletter Mar - Apr 2021 PDF page-0001

Newsletter March-April 2021

Newsletter Jan-Feb 2021 


NASIC Newsletter Nov - Dec 2020 PDF page-0001 

Newsletter Nov-Dec 2020



Newsletter Sept-Oct 2020


Newsletter July-Aug 2020

Nasic Newsletter

Newsletter May-Jun 2020 





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